The simplest way for archiving and searching emails


In this article/post, I want to share with the entrepreneur community a new business idea that I have in mind in order to get feedbacks, comments and thoughts (I would really appreciate it). As a software and enterprise architect, I´m always designing simple, usable (functional) and pretty (good user experience from the aesthetic view) architecture solutions and refactoring to optimize the architecture of legacies. I´m a fond of optimization problems (research and practice), specifically in the topics of high performance for storage, indexing and processing. Applying the customer development and lean startup concepts, my vision is to (re-)segment the problem/solution space of data archiving toward the email archiving. So, I´m thinking to make my contribution to the computer world by providing an optimized email archiving solution in terms of storage cost effectiveness and simple user interface for organizing and searching emails very easily (this is my unique value proposition). I´m guessing that the target market (customer segment in the business model canvas) are personal-, small-, and medium- business which mainly need to store/archive the emails for legal and particular purposes in a large period of time. I want to name this service as Archivrfy.

Business transactions not only can involve enterprise applications and OLTP systems but also a bunch of emails, for example to register contracts, sales conversations and agreements as well as for evidence of invoices and payment information. Most companies underestimate the effort for the maintanance of traditional tape backups and data indexing to simplify searches.

In order to protect and retain mission critical data contained in emails; companies need a new and very simple approach to easily capture, preserve, search and access emails. For example, the legal department and people see e-mail as an essential factor in its discovery response strategy to present them as evidence in a court of law. The volume of email being generated every day is becoming a huge problem, so organizations and people can free its storage space by moving emails to archiving vaults.

You can archive emails at low cost for reducing local storage space and complying with legal requirements. For security, data is encrypted while in transit and preserve in the final vaults using adjustable retention policy. It´s based on cloud computing technology and available always with 99.99%. It´s scalable with unlimited growth (depending on the available resources in the cloud).

You can use a very simple and fast user experience to search (supporting eDiscovery scenarios) and access to the archived emails for improving productivity. It´s based on an optimized search algorithm by enriching the content with metadata to organizing and extending dynamically the search criteria. As well as it´s a flexible tecnology for simple integration with existing platforms and exporting to several portable email files.

In order to support the previous scenearios using a solution with scalability, high availability and high performance in mind; we need to design a robust architecture for Archivrfy service as shown below.


In this article, I´ve share my vision of an email archiving solution in terms of the unique value proposition and the underlying technical architecture.

I really appreciate any thoughts and feedback to help me improve my business vision.

I look forward to hearing from you … very soon


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